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Hello and Happy New Year to all the Concealers out there! Today marks a new year in all our lives and a new era for the Conceal Network. Over the past months, we have had a plethora of changes and improvements to the Network, our Team and the overall Community…

Conceal is Privacy Protected Cash
Conceal CCX

The Conceal Ambassador Program is an initiative that was born from the idea of creating a better way to engage the Community towards the goal of marketing CCX, and the greater Conceal Ecosystem to Merchants and Anyone else who could benefit from a Secure and Anonymous digital cash.

This program…

If we had to summarize Conceal in one sentence it would probably be: A privacy oriented ecosystem that puts you in charge of your own finances and communication.

One of our missions is to allow people to be their own bank and to do that privately. We believe that in…

As you probably have noticed already, we are experiencing issues with our Cloud API (Application Programming Interface).

This interface is responsible for supporting a few services:

  • Cloud wallet
  • Lite wallet
  • Mobile wallet

These three wallet services use the same backend infrastructure (Cloud API). We adopted this vision - a common…

We listened to our community!

We currently have 400k $wCCX available to swap for the $ETH ecosystem and 350k $wCCX available to swap for the $BSC ecosystem.

To address the high demand of swapping by the community, tomorrow we will be increasing each swap pool to 500k $wCCX (an additional 100k to $ETH and an additional 150k to $BSC).

Thank you for making Conceal Bridge a success!

In order to use Conceal Bridge, the following user guide procedure is written to provide the user with a clear and simple method of moving back and forth between the primary Conceal Network asset $CCX and Wrapped Conceal $wCCX on any of the established bridged networks.

Bridged networks include:

  1. Ethereum…

The Conceal Lite Wallet application is powered by Conceal Cloud and offers users a simple and secure option to store your $CCX.

The wallet includes an easy to read dashboard that will showcase your Portfolio, Market Data and Your Wallets. …

Conceal Network

Privacy-protected DeFi & Encrypted Communications

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