Building the Concealed Circular Economy

Building and leveraging Conceal Network for private p2p exchange

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5 min readSep 18, 2023

One of the key elements that make Conceal Network what it is, is its community. The focus on supporting, building, and helping each other is vital in times like these when the market is down. Consistently, anyone can see how project supporters help each other and use $CCX as a medium of transacting between parties. This is the core purpose that blockchain was originally built on. Satoshi’s groundbreaking Bitcoin whitepaper showed an alternative medium of exchange that was p2p-based and enabled a new way of conducting business between two parties. Over time, this core concept of how blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies should be used has been overshadowed by glitzy and shiny new things, but rest assured the core foundation is a p2p exchange between two parties. For this reason, we believe it’s time for a renewed focus on how to leverage Conceal as a leading Privacy p2p medium of exchange.

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How to do this?

Starting Small

There are a variety of ways to leverage Conceal Network from simple exchange of goods and services between friends, building businesses that accept and exchange $CCX, to formulating a circular economy where people could thrive and build on. We’ll start by looking at the most simple, and least technical option. For people that hold $CCX, spreading the word, helping friends and family open a wallet and fund them with a small amount of $CCX, and showing them how to send/receive/message using Conceal is the most basic start. Once friends and families get comfortable with the basic operations and understanding of how cryptocurrency networks work, begin to transition away from things like Venmo/Zelle/Paypal to directly using Conceal with them. Starting small, educating, and building a firm understanding of how crypto works are the foundational pillars of getting new users onboarded. The new web wallet that is coming out soon, will help to make transacting on the Conceal Network more portable and easier to do on the go. Stay tuned for more updates once the official launch is out.

Growing Businesses through the Conceal Network

For many in the crypto-sphere; they eat, breathe, live, sleep crypto and also utilize a wide variety of services that are either digital in nature or offer physical goods and services. For these businesses that can benefit from a real cryptocurrency, reaching out to them to teach them about Conceal, or starting a business of your own are some ways that normal people can be encouraged to use $CCX. Creating the option to pay in $CCX is one of the best ways for a business owner to promote the usage of Conceal. Customers, will learn about the ease of use of crypto-based payments and will be closer to understanding that the p2p exchange between customer and business, buyer and seller, is the basic foundation of circular economies.

For developing web-based business, the Conceal CLI is an important tool that can be leveraged to build out transactions and payments online to help support a business. The CLI can be utilized to build scripts that can be leveraged to manage payments, accept transactions, and/or attempt to build logic for a subscription-based payment system. The opportunities are endless and a basic understanding of the CLI along with some web development skills can craft unique and alternative methods of leveraging the Conceal Network.

Developing Circular Economies

Understanding the what and the how of building a circular economy is no easy feat and it includes building a roadmap and understanding how different businesses interact and work with each other. The concept of a circular economy is one that many of the Bitcoin OGs like Odell constantly talk about in building a community that just doesn’t hodl, but uses crypto payments to manage businesses, buy goods and services and basically live off of. As networks of businesses work together to support each other, interact and exchange with each other on-chain, the Conceal Network can grow and become an integral way of simplifying and minimizing the total cost of ownership to business owners and will ultimately pass these benefits down to customers as well.

The hodl mindset although rooted in good intentions, actually places mental barriers for people to utilize any network as it was designed to be.

The development of a blockchain network like Conceal, starts from a grassroots effort, driven by the ethos and passion behind a project. To continue to grow and develop, passion must turn to action and participants must utilize the currency in lieu of standard fiat options. Further from that, to grow beyond those that know about the project, education and demonstration of Conceal to the general public outside of crypto is crucial to set the tone for adoption. It all starts from small steps to larger strides to full-on running, but we must learn to crawl first. Concealers take note, we must act in order to drive and further develop the private p2p movement that we have already started!

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