Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Conceal.Network

One year ago, Conceal emerged as a community project with a mission to provide a solid peer-to-peer privacy protected digital cash solution within the Cryptonote protocol and represent a step towards the democratization of decentralized banking.

We started our journey with a bold move. We invited everyone who recognized the need of fairer, distributed and transparent way of having a decentralized and privacy protected alternative to traditional banking. Since that time, we have been working hard on developing the Conceal platform, guided by our passion for blockchain and its potential. Now, we’re happy to announce our 1st Year Anniversary, reflect on our accomplishments and invite you to celebrate the first Birthday of the Conceal Network.

Reflecting Back on 2018

Over the last year, conceal has evolved from a simple idea into one of the most solid Cryptonote projects. We’ve watched how our project laid the groundwork for the development of decentralized banking by offering additional features all while preserving the security, integrity, privacy and reliability of the Cryptonote protocol.

Let’s take a look back at our major milestones during the past year and discuss future plans as we enter the next phase of the Conceal Network project.

April 2018

[DONE] — Initial Commit
[DONE] — Github
[DONE] — Discord Server
[DONE] — Consensus I (CN Project)
[DONE] — Project’s Initial Commit & Pre-Release
[DONE] — CLI Daemon
[DONE] — CLI Miner
[DONE] — CLI Wallet
[DONE] — Build & 1st Release Candidate
[DONE] — Testnet

May 2018

[DONE] — New Emission Curve
[DONE] — Zawy’s LWMA difficulty
[DONE] — Consensus II (change supply to 200M & add 6% premine)
[DONE] — Testnet Stress Test
[DONE] — Conceal X Main Release
[DONE] — Main Seed Nodes
[DONE] — Conceal X (CLI) — Ubuntu x64 Realese
[DONE] — Conceal X (CLI) — Win x64 Realese
[DONE] — MainNet (Proof of Concept)

June 2018

[DONE] — Discord Server Redesign
[DONE] — Encrypted Messenger Source Code
[DONE] — Self Destructive Messages Functionality
[DONE] — Conceal X (CLI) — Arch Linux Release
[DONE] — CCX Wallet Lite (GUI) Source Code
[DONE] — CCX Wallet Lite (GUI) Beta Release — Ubuntu x64
[DONE] — CCX Wallet Lite (GUI) Beta Release — Arch Linux
[DONE] — CCX Wallet Lite (GUI) Beta Release — Win x64
[DONE] — Encrypted Messages Launch
[DONE] — Mining Pool Source Code
[DONE] — Consensus III
[DONE] — CN Fast implementation
[DONE] — CCX Wallet RC (GUI + Mining) — Source Code
[DONE] — CCX Wallet RC (GUI + Mining) — Ubuntu
[DONE] — CCX Wallet RC (GUI + Mining) — Arch Linux
[DONE] — CCX Wallet RC (GUI + Mining) — Win x64
[DONE] — Conceal’s Official Imagery
[DONE] — Medium Account
[DONE] — Twitter Account
[DONE] — Deposits Source Code
[DONE] — CCX Wallet FR (GUI + Deposits + Mining Pools) — Source Code
[DONE] — CCX Wallet FR (GUI + Deposits + Mining Pools) — Ubuntu
[DONE] — CCX Wallet FR (GUI + Deposits + Mining Pools) — Arch Linux
[DONE] — CCX Wallet FR (GUI + Deposits + Mining Pools) — Win x64
[DONE] — Discord Tip Bot
[DONE] — Conceal.Network
[DONE] — Official Splash Page
[DONE] — Reddit Thread
[DONE] — Bitcointalk ANN
[DONE] — Paper Wallet Generator
[DONE] — Mainnet Official Relaunch (block 12750)
[DONE] — CN Fast algo goes live (block 12750)
[DONE] — Mining Pool goes Live (block 12750)
[DONE] — Deposits 1.0 Launch (at block 12750)

July 2018

[DONE] — Block Explorer
[DONE] — Official Website Launch
[DONE] — Decentralised Exchange (Stellar-Port)
[DONE] — Unlock Devs Fund (at block 25000)
[DONE] — Consensus IV
[DONE] — Conceal JS — RPC/API
[DONE] — Mnemonic Seed
[DONE] — Deterministic wallets
[DONE] — Mnemonic Keys — Import/Export
[DONE] — Conceal GUI Redesign
[DONE] — Listing: MapleChange.com
[DONE] — Listing: FirstCryptoBank

August 2018

[DONE] — DEX: Bisq — $CCX Integration
[DONE] — Listing: LetsDoCoinz
[DONE] — Lite Wallet
[DONE] — Integrated Address Support
[DONE] — Listings: Blockfolio, Cheddur, CoinLib, LiveCoinWatch & Multiminer

September 2018

[DONE] — Dedicated Pool Wallets
[DONE] — Fortress Build: Privacy Protection Level upgrade
[DONE] — Listing: Kompler Exchange
[DONE] — Listing: new pair CCX-XMR on MapleChange

October 2018

[DONE] — Branding: Website Redesign
[DONE] — Project Management: Roadmap Update
[DONE] — Enhancements: One-Click Miner
[DONE] — MC listing: CoinGecko Listing
[DONE] — Disaster & Crisis Management: Maple Hack
[DONE] — Disaster & Crisis Management: MapleChange Funds Recovery

November 2018

[DONE] — Core: Fortress Update (Min Mixin=4, LWMA3, Code revision)
[DONE] — Core: Banking Platform 2.0
[DONE] — Core: Deposits 2.0
[DONE] — Core: Investments 1.0
[DONE] — Community: Consensus V
[DONE] — GUI: Conceal V
[DONE] — EX listing: STEX
[DONE] — EX listing: Bisq goes live (DEX)
[DONE] — TK listing: Delta app
[DONE] — SG listing: CoinGecko Beam
[DONE] — Crisis Management: MapleChange Reimbursement
[DONE] — Network: Block Explorer Update
[DONE] — Network: Web Wallet Engine
[DONE] — Core: Investments 2.0
[DONE] — Funding: Lock premine funds (8M spread by 5 years)
[DONE] — Redesign: GitHub
[DONE] — Enhancements: Official Discord Bot
[DONE] — Redesign: Official Discord
[DONE] — Network: Conceal API v2.0

December 2018

[DONE] — Strategy: Roadmap Update
[DONE] — Docs: Banking Papers
[DONE] — TK listing: Delta Direct
[DONE] — MC listing: CoinPaprika
[DONE] — MC listing: CoinRanking
[DONE] — MC listing: CryptoRank
[DONE] — EX listing: Graviex
[DONE] — EX listing: FinexBox

[ 2019 1st Quarter ]

January 2019

[DONE] — Community: International dedicated channels
[DONE] — EX listing: ProBitEX
[DONE] — EX listing: Azex (Asian Market)
[DONE] — EX listing: CMC TOP50 — Sistemkoin (Turkish & Asian Market)
[DONE] — Core: Sign/verify messages/arbitrary data with the wallet keys
[DONE] — GUI: Wallet enhancements

February 2019

[DONE] — MC listing: CoinMarketCap
[DONE] — EX listing: TradeOgre
[DONE] — EX listing: SistemKoin FIAT pairs (USD & EUR)
[DONE] — EX listing: Bitibu
[DONE] — EX listing: TrocandoCoins
[DONE] — Enhancements: Prood of Funds Keys
[DONE] — Redesign: Conceal.Explorer
[DONE] — Redesign: Conceal.Discord
[DONE] — Redesign: Conceal.Pool
[DONE] — Core: Conceal.Algo (CN Conceal PoW Algo: FPGA,ASIC & Nicehash Resistant)
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Cloud Beta goes Live

March 2019

[DONE] — EX listing: Altilly
[DONE] — Core: Conceal.Algo — CN Conceal goes Live (7th March 2019)
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Cloud Official Launch
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Guardian Beta
[DONE] — MC listing: BullEye
[DONE] — MC listing: MarketBeat
[DONE] — MC listing: WorldCoinIndex
[DONE] — MC listing: CryptoSlate
[DONE] — MC listing: CryptoRank

[ 2019 2nd Quarter ]

April 2019

[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Nodes Beta (Remote Nodes)
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.CLI
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Desktop (Design , Price Chart & Market Data)
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Cloud (Optimization, Stability & Address Book)
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Website (Team & Roadmap Update)
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Services Beta
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Guardian Beta
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Circle Alpha
[DONE] — Funding: Project Current Account BP Keys Public Release
[DONE] — Funding: Project Accounting Sheet Public Release

May 2019

[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Pay Alpha
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Desktop Local Languages (Translations)
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.CLI Atomic Fusions (Output Optimizations)
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Explorer Add percentages the supply & banking section
[DONE] — Enhancements: Conceal.Explorer Add extra nodes info & status
[DONE] — Funding: Project Locked Funds — Deposit list (Public Release)
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Services Official Launch
[DONE] — Network: Conceal.Guardian Official Launch

Message From the Team

We started Conceal with the lofty goal of creating a full-fledged platform that allowed the potential of the Cryptonote protocol and blockchain technology to be realized. Like most ideas, it was unclear if we’d be truly successful with this at the time, but we decided to keep things simple, and focus on building and enhancing the technology, day-by-day, and working with the needs of the users of the product as they arose. A whirlwind of a year down the road, we can look back with gratitude to the many that put their faith in Conceal Network by collaborating, mining, buying it, spreading the word, etc. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to do together so far, and are excited about the tremendous growth and change that 2019/20 can bring for blockchain technology adoption, and for Conceal itself.

Looking Forward to 2019

It has been a great year, and we have even bigger plans for 2019: hiring new developers, releasing the mobile wallet, launching Conceal.Pay on mainnet, enable decentralized banking over the cloud, working with exchanges to support $CCX, working with other business who want to build their products on Conceal, and much more.

We’ve learned a lot, heard great feedback from our community, and continue to work hard every day on fulfilling our mission to become the world’s most advanced decentralized banking platform. We believe now, more than ever, that Conceal can help transform the field of banking for the better.

We’re doing our best to create innovative and exciting features, and the results speak for themselves. Our community is growing fast and we want to thank you all for taking part and giving us the confidence to move forward. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or have just begun your journey with Conceal, thank you for being a part of the our thriving community.

We’d love for you to celebrate with us on Twitter using the hashtag #Happy1stAnniversaryConceal.

Let’s make this a year of $CCX. Happy anniversary!


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