Conceal Cloud Issues — Update

As you probably have noticed already, we are experiencing issues with our Cloud API (Application Programming Interface).

This interface is responsible for supporting a few services:

  • Cloud wallet
  • Lite wallet
  • Mobile wallet

These three wallet services use the same backend infrastructure (Cloud API). We adopted this vision - a common API, because we believe simplifying the usage of our products will make them easier to use. We consider it as a fundamental path for mass adoption.

Lately, as result of a good market performance, a lot of attention came in our way. We are having a huge influx of new users like we never seen before. This means that our cloud infrastructure is being tested to its limits. The technology used to handle addresses (“walletd”) has reached its capacity (too many addresses). We are probably the first cryptonote project to run so many users with separate addresses on the same “walletd” instance (container). We are not using a single address with ‘payment Id’ (per account) like most exchanges and other service providers do. We are actually providing our users with the real thing - using separate addresses and subwallets for every user. Each address has its own private set of keys. Attending the majority of users has more than one address associated with their accounts, that’s more than a pair of keys per user. So, taking everything said into consideration, the current technology has been pushed too far.

Cloud’s first outage has been related to limited resources. It has been triggered a restart of the ‘walletd’ and subsequently it needed a full rescan from scratch (the entire subset of addresses from all the wallets in existence). With so many addresses a rescan takes up to a whole day (24 hours). We solved this first issue by upgrading the resources available in our AWS’ infrastructure (with more CPUs and Memory). This helped for a while but yesterday we had a DDOS attack attempt in our cloud infrastructure. This event triggered a container’s restart and, again, a new full rescan (+24h process). We are currently working on a definitive solution to avoid having people waiting for such a long every time this rescan process occurs. Fixing this will take some time. Please bear with us. We will keep you updated via Discord and Telegram.

What’s important to keep in mind is, your FUNDS ARE SAFE, they are stored in the blockchain. Wallets are just human interfaces to interact with the chain. The cloud is just another entry point to our ecosystem. As long as you have your private keys backed up, you can access your funds. If you need to access your funds immediately just use our official Desktop app and import your addresses there using your private keys.

Keep calm and Conceal your funds.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.