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4 min readDec 30, 2022

As we close this year, we have asked a couple of our community members who are building and investing time to help build the Conceal Network further. To get it kicked off, we asked Acktarius to answer a couple of questions about themselves, how they got involved and what they have been working on. He has an extensive background in engineering doing R&D in supply chain management, production, and construction as well as a master’s in wood sciences. He had been working for over 15 years as an airline pilot, but as with many others tied up in the commercial and tourism industries, he found himself at home without a job. It was during this time that he discovered crypto and began experimenting with getting some initially from faucets. From this initial interest and a couple of YouTube videos later he found himself starting to mine on his laptop computer. Although the rewards initially were pretty limited, he soon updated and started mining on his son’s old gaming computer an R9 270X. In April 2021, he built his first mining thinking along the lines of a product lifecycle that he gained from his background in SCM.

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It was SavageMine that introduced him to Conceal through his YouTube videos. At the time he was CPU mining XMR, already having an interest in the privacy space. The things that perked his interest in Conceal, like many of us, were the additional features included such as deposits and messaging features.


The project that Acktarius is actively working on is CCX-Box, which consists of an all-in-one self, started computer for Conceal. It is being designed to be an onboarding tool for anyone looking to get into Conceal Network. Some of the features that are included in it are that it is a working small form factor computer that will be GPU mining enabled, capable of running a full node, and also working as a normal desktop machine as well.

The precipice of the concept came through a community discussion in the Discord server, where many community members went back and forth on core things it would include as well as some of the minimum specs to include in the first iteration of the design. With the current design, it’s relatively straightforward and as easy as putting together the hardware for building a standard desktop, with a Linux OS. With Linux as the operating system, the potential only challenge will be that the user will need to get comfortable working in the CLI since many of the commands will be put in through there.

You can follow more details about the CCX-Box; its development and its features in Acktarius’ blog below:

CCX-Box — Part 1: The Build

CCX-Box — Part 2a: OS

CCX-Box — Part 2b: Node + Guardian

CCX-Box — Part 3: The Wallet

Another recent update was that CCX-Box will have an Assistant built in to help manage the Conceal Network services included in the CCX-Box. Watch the YouTube short above!

The CCX-Box right now is a development project, but as of now, it’s still very much in the prototype phase, according to Acktarius. Given the recent market conditions, interest and demand would need to substantially grow to make it a venture worth taking on at a full-time pace. The end game and most likely scenario for the CCX-Box will be to spec and build it out as much as possible and leverage blogging/instructional approaches to help get new users to jump into Conceal Network as easily as possible and leverage all the features that the network has to offer. This way the CCX-Box will be an affordable and easy-to-use desktop computer that also doubles as a functioning working home desktop as well.

Continue to check the Conceal Network Discord Server, for more information coming from Acktarius about the development of CCX-Box and other awesome features that will be incorporated into it. Acktarius would also like to acknowledge all the community members who have elected Conceal-Assistant as a Conceal Lab project!

Acktarius keep up the great work and looking to hearing more on CCX-Box!

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