The Conceal Lite Wallet application is powered by Conceal Cloud and offers users a simple and secure option to store your $CCX.

The wallet includes an easy to read dashboard that will showcase your Portfolio, Market Data and Your Wallets. You can easily view your transactions, contacts, private messages and settings.

A lot of work has been put into making payments as user friendly as possible with clear labels, validations, confirmations and helpful feedback to guide you through the process of making a successful payment.

The “transfer” option is another feature that was added. This dedicated section in the application allows users to easily transfer funds between wallets and really enables you to make better use of your wallets to create “sub-accounts” for dedicated purposes. For example, you can now have one wallet for spending, one for savings and one for incoming payments, just like a flexible decentralized finance wallet should work, only better because of privacy.

The Conceal Lite Wallet integrates several Conceal features including:

  • Conceal-API Javascript/Node.js interface (RPC/API)

Conceal Lite Wallet development also focused on building an angular application that the wallet uses to communicate to and from the back-end via an API.

Functions include enable/disable 2fa, reset password and notifications of new transactions/messages. Futures updates will include multiple languages and Conceal Network’s signature cold staking option.

Public release of the Conceal Lite Wallet includes a Windows, Linux and MacOS version. Click Conceal Lite Wallet if you’re interested in trying it out!

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