Conceal Network Monthly Update, February 2022

Conceal Network
3 min readMar 1, 2022


Hello and Good Day! Welcome back to another monthly update. To start off, the month of February was quite the eventful one, both in and out of the Conceal Network, as we’re sure you all know. In spite of everything going on the team was still able to make some pretty good progress toward some of our goals this month!

Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and Business Development hasn’t had as many bombastic announcements as prior months, but rest assured that this is due to some careful planning for future releases and announcements that you will be seeing come to fruition in the following months, so stay tuned!

Even still, there were some key releases in the form of new Conceal YouTube Videos that are sure to be helpful to any new Concealers that wish to learn more about our Privacy Ecosystem.

Research and Development

This is where the majority of the chaos and also the majority of significant improvements have been seen, all at the same time! With another set of attacks made to our Conceal Cloud Services, our development team made a collective decision to postpone some other development priorities in favor of sorting out the Cloud once and for all. This led to an amazing amount of heavy dev-work being done in a concise amount of time. It also brought some new things to the table that we believe all Concealers will thoroughly appreciate!

Here are a few of the major updates that have been done over the last month by our Developers:

  • New conceal core and desktop wallet with huge sync improvements.
  • New RPC APIs for the core.
  • Cloud now supports registration with username or email, supporting a fully private setup.
  • Captcha was added to the Cloud as a security measure.
  • Updated most of the cloud clients (Conceal App, Cloud Web…)
  • New Conceal Guardian version with stability improvements, updated code and SSL node support.
  • New version of Guardian Pool is now supporting SSL nodes that it checks live.
  • Added the Checkly tool to update the Community on the service status of the Cloud automatically.

Conceal Community

The Conceal Community has seen many new faces coming in via Discord and Telegram. New Concealers are being made every day thanks to our Community members spreading the word on the street. In addition to this, our ambassadors have been doing great work (as usual) to promote Conceal wherever they go!

Here are some of the new things that have been going on in our Community:

  • We gained a new Conceal Ambassador in the form of Node Senpai! Say hello to him on Discord or Telegram!
  • Conceal Network made an appearance in Ottawa, where many freedom-loving people were introduced to CCX for the first time! All thanks to our Ambassador Chris H.
  • Our Ambassador Giomarx7 is currently communicating with an Artist/Graphic Designer to set him up to accept CCX as payment for his Art and Design work.
  • New channels were created on the Community Discord for community involvement in Beta Testing new releases and learning all about Conceal software applications.


Though February may have been a bit of a slower month than previous ones in terms of big announcements and new partnerships, progress is continuously being made toward a more decentralized and private future for all people! Thank you for taking the time to read this update and we look forward to seeing you next time. Cheers!

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