Conceal Network Monthly Update, January 2022

Conceal Network
3 min readFeb 1, 2022


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Conceal Network progress report! Here we will give you some information about what the Conceal Team has been working on during the month of January in 2022. As in the previous article and going forward we will break down work done by department.

Marketing and Business Development

This month (and the previous one as well) has been pretty busy for the Business Development and Marketing Departments! Okanist and Mr_Kwibs have been doing excellent work in making connections and partnerships that will have lasting effects for Conceal.

Here are some of the significant events that happened recently in Marketing and Business Development:

  • Conceal Network joined the BPSAA, an Alliance of Blockchain projects dedicated to Privacy and Security.
  • Work continues on the production of short instructional/educational videos for all of Conceal’s Features and Products.
  • We created a new video series promoting Conceal and launched the first video on our YouTube Channel.
  • Conceal was listed on Coin Market League where it can be voted for every day!
  • Working towards Correction of wrong/missing information on Existing MarketCap websites and exploring new ones.
  • Exploring Partnership opportunities with other BPSAA members.

Research and Development

As always, our Developers are working hard on researching and coding new features, hardening existing ones, and improving the overall code-base of the Conceal Network. This month was quite busy and things have been moving along very well!

Here are a few of the major updates that have been done over the last month by our Developers:

  • Cartoon Face has officially joined the Conceal Team as a Developer.
  • Back-end work for the new Conceal Cloud API for non-email accounts is completed.
  • /Refactoring of how wallets are assigned to the Cloud Accounts
  • /Migration of all Cloud Account users from E-Mails to Usernames
  • /Awaiting UI work to reflect the changes on the Front-end
  • Polygon Bridge updated to resolve Polygon Network RPC errors during Bridging process.
  • Conceal Core 6.6.0 was released with myriad improvements.
  • Research and Development continues for Ergo Bridge.
  • Research into utilizing anonymous Data from web-host for Marketing purposes.

Conceal Community

The Conceal Community has had an influx of new people, new ideas, and new efforts to make the Community as a whole a friendlier and more lively place to be in! Various members of the Community are currently engaged in turning ideas into actions, which will help with growing the network effects of the project long-term.

Here are some of the new things that have been going on in our Community:

  • A new merchant now accepts CCX as a form of payment, thanks to the efforts of one of our Ambassadors!
  • A new CCX Mining Pool was created by Mining4People.
  • A Vote is currently being held for the funding of a new Conceal Labs project in the form of Refacture’s Waste-Coin initiative.
  • Talks have begun within the Community on how we can more effectively plan and execute grassroots marketing techniques by utilizing anonymous data from Social Media and other websites.


Overall January was a good month for development progress, planning and the formation of new partnerships. Even though the overall market conditions had a bleak outlook, the Team and the Community continued developing, creating new ideas, and spreading the word on Conceal and Privacy! For the next month we look forward to continuing our development progress and getting closer to reaching new milestones.

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