Conceal Network Monthly Update, July 2022

Conceal Network
2 min readAug 11, 2022

Hello and welcome back to the Conceal Monthly Update! I would first like to apologize for the long delay in the release of this month’s update, the only reason it’s come so late is simply due to me being very busy outside of Conceal the last few weeks! And now, on to the updates!

Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and BD has seen some nice progress in the last month. With a few new interviews, videos, integrations and potential partnerships on the horizon, we hope to bring new eyes and ears to Conceal and our Privacy ecosystem.

Here are some of the significant events that happened recently in Marketing and Business Development:

  • Mr_Kwibs and Taegus appeared on the Podcast to discuss Conceal and Privacy.
  • Krypt0x and CrypTader were interviewed by Sigma Prism about Conceal and the future Ergo Bridge.
  • The Conceal Creatives Team is now hiring!
  • New Video by SerpentX Tech discussing different Conceal Wallets.
  • We have begun talks with the Qortal project about integrating Conceal into the Qortal DEX.
  • Conceal has been Officially integrated into the Cryptocurrency Checkout Payment Platform!

Research and Development

Our Developers have been hard at work in July doing their best to hit our roadmap targets. Alongside working toward the roadmap items, they have made improvements to the Conceal Core software and other items that are important to continue refining as well.

Here are a few of the major updates that have been done over the last month by our Developers:

  • Some upgrades to the Cloud Infrastructure has taken place for stability improvements.
  • Work being done to add Deposits and Messaging features to the Client-side Web Wallet.
  • Continued development of Coloured Coins and PPA technologies.
  • AVAX Bridge was pushed back a bit, should be released somewhat soon.
  • The Conceal App overhaul is still being worked on, it has also been pushed back for another month or two.
  • Various core improvements and minor updates.

Conceal Community

July was pretty quiet in the community, as is typical when the markets are in a big retracement like this one, however there have been some things going on even though it was mostly pretty tame.

Here are some of the new things that have been going on in our Community:

  • New Video in German by CryptoDaro about Conceal.
  • The Conceal Coins Competition has begun! One community member will have their design chosen for a Physical CCX Coin that will be made.


The month of July was a quiet one, with only a few interesting announcements, but we have been working steadily toward our goals as always. With more potential partnerships in the works and continued progress in development, we hope to have some more exciting news in the months to come. So thank you all for continuing to support us and we will see you next time with more good news!

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