Conceal Network Monthly Update, June 2022

Conceal Network
3 min readJul 3, 2022


The month of June has been very quiet for us, and many others, as the markets continue to tumble. And though we have not made many big announcements, we are still building and continuing to develop Conceal in as many ways as possible. Whether a Bull or Bear, we are here to stay.

Marketing and Business Development

Not too many big and exciting things can be said for Marketing and BD this month. Our marketing team has been steadily putting out Tweets and information about Conceal to the public. And BD has been looking into potential partnerships for Conceal with other projects and organizations.

Here are some of the significant events that happened recently in Marketing and Business Development:

  • Mr_Kwibs has been in contact with Dutch Politicians and Influential Public Figures to promote CCX and the value of Financial Privacy.
  • We have released a simple Branding Page to give Creators an easy way to understand the Design Direction for Conceal, grab Color Codes, and download Logo files.
  • Initial Outreach to Digital Privacy and Anonymity Organizations, such as The EFF and The Tor Project have been made.
  • A new Partnership has been made with a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for webstores, more info will come when officially announced.

Research and Development

For the Research and Development of Conceal in June, there have been some very big updates that are yet to be released. These items will most likely be coming to you all in July!

Here are a few of the major updates that have been done over the last month by our Developers:

  • The Conceal App has undergone a Major Renovation in both design and functionality.
  • The Conceal Bridge and Conceal ID modules have been finished and added to the Conceal App.
  • Avalanche wCCX Bridge is done, and will be released soon along with the new Conceal App.
  • The Conceal Bridge has been given added functionality to swap wCCX between EVM chains directly, without first having to swap to the Conceal Chain.
  • The Conceal Web Wallet has had some minor updates to increase usability with basic send/receive functions.

Conceal Community

During the times of the Bear, the Community is usually much more quiet, and that is true for this month as well. In light of this, we still have had some pretty active members spreading the message of Privacy all around the globe, and we had a great Community effort for a new Wallet Integration.

Here are some of the new things that have been going on in our Community:

  • The Conceal Community had cast over 600 votes for Conceal to be added to a new Multi-Coin Wallet that is being built by the Gemlink team, and surpassed the required threshold for integration!
  • New Miners continue to add their rigs to the Conceal Network and earn CCX rewards.
  • A new Community initiative was created, to build a Plug and Play Mini Conceal Node+Miner Box, to encourage non-technical Concealers to help strengthen the network and earn some CCX at the same time.


Final word for the month of June is simple, Conceal was born in a bear market, and lived through worse market conditions than what we see now. Our devs are passionate about making Conceal the best it can be, and we are all very confident that as we continue to meet our roadmap goals, Conceal will become a Stable Name in the privacy sphere.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s update, stay safe and keep yourselves Concealed. See you next time!

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