Conceal Network Monthly Update, May 2022

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3 min readJun 1, 2022


Hello and welcome back to our monthly update! During the last month, Conceal has had a couple of big updates both in terms of project development and from the Conceal team as a whole. We have also had many smaller yet very important progress updates which we will condense a bit. With so many items to cover, let’s just jump right into it.

Marketing and Business Development

The first thing to mention here is that our long time friend and partner, Okanist, has retired from the project as Head of Business Development. Though he will no longer work directly with the Conceal Team, he will continue to support Conceal as a member of our community. In his absence, we have restructured the BD Division responsibilities to the effect that some of these will be absorbed into the Marketing Division. Lastly, our current Community Head, LolitaLollipop, will be acting as the new Head of Business Development in order to fulfill the core responsibilities of the BD Division. Other than that, we have some good progress on the Marketing front thanks to the efforts of our Marketing Division.

Here are some of the significant events that happened recently in Marketing and Business Development:

  • Our Soft Rebrand, in order to make Privacy appealing to all people, is progressing.
  • The appearance of a Conceal mascot has been decided and is currently in development.
  • A Turkish Twitter page for Conceal was created and is currently managed by our Community member and friend, Mayata.
  • New YouTube Video by AltcoinRookie
  • New YouTube Video by SerpentX Tech
  • Artwork Contest completed, new graphics for Conceal were made.
  • The Crows Nest trading signals released an article on Conceal.
  • Conceal Informational Presentation/Pitch deck created by Lolita for the BPSAA and released to the Community.

Research and Development

This month has seen a lot of progress for Conceal in the Research and Development Division. We have been steadily working towards completing our Roadmap items and are happy to say that progress on these is going very well. From the Ergo and Avalanche wCCX Bridge, to integrating new modules into the Conceal App, our devs are hard at work building and delivering as they always have been!

Here are a few of the major updates that have been done over the last month by our Developers:

  • UX improvements and Bug Fixes for Conceal App.
  • Conceal ID and Conceal Bridge module integrated into Conceal App.
  • A new Home Page added to Conceal App.
  • AVAX wCCX token contract completed.
  • Bridge to AVAX finished, in testing phase.
  • Whitelisting wCCX on TraderJoe DEX on Avalanche.
  • Bug Fixes for Client-Side Web Wallet.
  • Improvements made to the Bridging process to increase stability.
  • New Liquidity Pools on Polygon Uniswap.
  • New Conceal Core and Desktop Wallet update to 6.6.3 with myriad improvements.
  • Working on synergizing with AV engines to prevent Conceal software from being falsely flagged as malware.
  • Many improvements/updates made to the Conceal Website.
  • Ergo wCCX and Conceal Bridge to Ergo are making more headway.

Conceal Community

As marketing brings more awareness to Conceal, and our development team brings more products to the table, the Conceal Community continues to see growth. The community is not only larger with more members following our Twitter and Discord, but also more varied. Conceal has made some decent headway with Miners looking for an alternative to Ethereum, Privacy enthusiasts who didn’t know about us before, and even some new online Merchants who accept CCX as a form of payment!

Here are some of the new things that have been going on in our Community:

  • Conceal Network celebrated it’s Fourth Anniversary! 4 years of Community involvement, 4 years of development, and 4 years of Privacy!
  • The Conceal Community has been participating in the Great Ethereum Hashrate Migration, educating a large new audience about the CN-GPU algorithm and the Conceal Ecosystem.
  • Alpine Optics from Austria is a New Merchant accepting CCX as payment!
  • Ananda from Bulgaria is a New Merchant accepting CCX as payment!


The month of May was quite busy and a little hectic at times, but we have been able to make steady progress toward our goals. As it stands we are very happy with where we are at currently for our overall project development and are looking forward to releasing some of these new items for you all to try out! Thank you all for reading and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

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