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3 min readOct 18, 2023

A new development was released this past weekend for the Conceal Web Wallet and it comes with additional features and functionality. It’s the perfect lightweight complement to a full node wallet on your computer or mobile device, for a Concealed mobile experience enabling transactions and encrypted messages on the go. This new update will enable anyone to use, exchange, and barter with Conceal anywhere at any time via their own mobile device. This is a huge step in building out the circular economy that the community is aiming to create, preserving privacy and anonymity with all transactions.

Faster Syncing Speeds

The Conceal Web Wallet is a light node client that will leverage the Conceal remote node network. This new enhancement of the syncing script that is used makes the wallet sync times up to 16x times faster! In realistic terms, the blockchain sync could take as little as 20 minutes on specific hardware, making the user experience that much better.

UTXO Optimizations

Another added feature of the Web Wallet is the ability to Optimize the UTXO set used in previous transactions. Managing the UTXO set is important as it ensures that the wallet stays leaner by consolidating the small UTXOs carried in a wallet and allowing for large transactions that don’t end up clogging the network.

Encrypted Messages

A key feature native to the full node wallet, now available in the Web Wallet! This makes secure, private conversations and secret sharing more powerful than ever before. Conceal Messages are Encrypted and then broadcast across the Conceal Network mempool the using the same anonymity protocol as every other Transaction on the network. Messages can only be decrypted by the recipient and can even be set to Self-Destruct after a given amount of time! Doing this on the go allows for more flexibility based on the privacy and security guarantees of the Conceal Network.

Future Enhancements to be Released Soon:

Conceal-Earn Deposits — Manage your Conceal-Earn Deposits on the go and be able to receive and reset your deposits once they unlock from the freedom of a mobile device, anywhere in the world!

Security Enhancements — As with everything, additional safeguards and security measures are always a goal of the team and will continue to be improved upon with every release.

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