As we celebrate the end of 2020, we can’t help but admit how different this last year has been.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted our world and personally effected each one of us. Several team members experienced life changing losses, relocating to different countries, and even more IRL responsibilities shifted to each one of us.

Unfortunately, the strain of COVID-19 pandemic impacts combined with the additional work needed for the emission and algorithm change has slightly delayed additional testing and development work on Conceal-Live (Clive), the Swap Tool and us properly updating our roadmap (and Conceal Trello page).

We are doing our best to address each project as soon as possible given our combined availability.

Timing is everything. Both Clive and the Swap Tool are close to release, but waiting for better market conditions just makes sense.

In addition, we really need to be more strategic about creating a customized marketing plan for Clive. We anticipate a large number of Clive users that will be introduced to crypto for the fist time. More importantly, they will be introduced to our project, Conceal Network, and learn about all the Defi benefits we offer.

This new audience will be especially important for the continue growth of the Conceal Network brand name and customer base. So, having a well thought out marketing and advertising plan specifically geared towards the Clive target audience is a must.

The new year will bring a renewed focus on Conceal Network with the addition of new team members that will bring new energy and creativity to assist in our marketing efforts.

Through all these difficult challenges we faced in 2020, we remain steady in building the necessary ecosystem to provide you with the best alternative for private decentralized financial services and communication.

Thanks for being party of our journey and we look forward to working with all of you in 2021.