How to Privately Acquire ₡CCX

Ways to maintain anonymity while purchasing $CCX from an Exchange

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4 min readDec 19, 2022

In the world that we live in, where privacy must be attained and isn’t quite a right, there are certain things you can do to preserve your privacy. One of these things is maintaining your anonymity when transacting with exchanges. One thing to note is that most centralized exchanges are held to KYC or AML type of rules to be eligible to operate in their jurisdictions. Finding ones that do not require KYC/AML is important in regard to privacy because KYC/AML rules typically require the exchange to capture identifying information about a customer to allow them to utilize the exchange. In doing so, the user will be doxxed and the financial dealings of that individual are only a subpoena away from understanding their financial history through that exchange. Understanding the points where personal information can be leaked out is key for putting safeguards in place to mitigate your personal information getting out. The core of this article is to help strengthen your own personal opsec and general awareness of how to buy ₡CCX on an exchange.

Protecting your IP Address

The first point of leakage is simply through connecting to the internet. The IP Address that a person uses, can be traced to leak a lot of personal information out to the public, including geolocation information. Although it may seem like only malicious or bad actors would be interested in your IP address, the authorities, employers (if on a company device), and advertisers are actively looking to use that information to track behaviors. The principal way to avoid your actual IP address to be leaked out publicly is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN utilizes encryption to route the traffic from your personal connection/router to an alternative one. This will give the appearance that your connection is coming from another location, obfuscating your geolocation. If you connect to an exchange with your own IP Address, that is one link between the exchange servers and yourself.

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Breadcrumbs via Transactions

Another way that personal information can be leaked is through the transactional breadcrumb left onchain. If Bitcoin is going to be the crypto that is used to exchange for ₡CCX on an exchange, it’s important to understand how it works and its pitfalls. One example is how Bitcoin’s UTXOs work in that each UTXO is a byproduct of previous UTXOs as they move between wallets. This is one of the features of Bitcoin that prevents privacy, due to the linkability between one user and a sequence of transactions. So one needs to be mindful of the trail of where crypto comes from and goes to especially to an exchange. Understanding how fiat is on/off-ramped into crypto is important, because additional measures may need to be taken to secure anonymity. If fiat is converted to crypto in a KYC’d exchange, additional measures like using a mixer or additional transactions would need to be taken to break the trace. A crypto mixer is a service that blends the cryptocurrencies of many users together to obfuscate the origins and owners of the funds. This process will essentially make it really hard to link back to where it originated from.

Preferred Exchange for ₡CCX

As of today, the preferred exchange to swap ₡CCX between BTC is TradeOgre. TradeOgre is a small, low-cap coin exchange that has been quite reliable for the community. A key feature of Trade Ogre is that it does not require KYC, meaning that they don’t record any personal information for you to open an account and exchange on.

The Ultimate Play

The one fail proof way to acquire untraceable ₡CCX is to mine it. Either through directly mining ₡CCX or mine Bitcoin and exchanging it on Trade Ogre. The source is from a block reward and has nearly no way to trace it since the first owner is the miner. Help yourself and the protocol by expanding on decentralization and get ₡CCX as a byproduct!

Wrap Up

The key thing to maintain anonymity and privacy while acquiring CCX is to ensure that you have the proper safeguards in place to cover:

  • Internet Connections (IP Address)
  • Transaction Linkability (Mixers/Non-KYC’d Exchanges)
  • Mine!

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