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3 min readNov 26, 2019

How Do Our Encrypted Messages Work?

Each Conceal transaction contains a field called extra that is used for miscellaneous service information. A message or a group of such messages is embedded into that field and, consequently, into the mined block.

Security-wise, a combination of the ChaCha cipher and modified version of the Diffie-Helman key exchange algorithm is used to keep the messages secret and available only to the sending and receiving parties. Conceal’s solution seals the message contents while keeping the sender and the receiver completely secure.

In order to send a message, a user has to embed his message in a transaction and send it like a regular transaction. When the receiving side syncs the blockchain, the Conceal wallet determines which messages belong to the recipient and decrypts them.

As you well know, one of our missions is to bring all our features across all of our product lines:

  • Desktop
  • Cloud
  • Mobile

This requires some work, as the codebase for the cloud (mobile is an extension of the cloud) is different as for the desktop, so some of the features need to be ported. By releasing encrypted messages on cloud and mobile, we made yet another step towards unification.

New cloud overview

You can see the new icon for messages on each wallet. On top, you can also see a warning if 2FA is disabled. We strongly encourage anyone to have 2FA enabled, as it increases security.

Your wallet messages

Here you can see the new messages screen on the cloud. For each wallet you can see outgoing and incoming messages.

Sending message

To send a message simply type your message in the “message” box, select a recipient and send it. There is a flat fee of 0.001 CCX. You can have 280 max chars in a message.

On mobile it is similar…

Messages on Mobile

You can easily search for your message with incremental search

Incremental search

Sending a message is also very easy.

Sending a message on Mobile

This way we now have a unified experience with encrypted messages, that can be composed and read on any part of our ecosystem. Mobile wallet also got some other improvements like showing alias for the recipient instead of address so it's more user-friendly.

Stay tuned as we bring more features from the desktop to the cloud and mobile.

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