This month in Conceal (April 2019)

April is an important month for us. We are launching at least one new initiative, and getting started on at least one or two more. Read on for a few more details on what we are working on this month.

Developer updates

Conceal Desktop

The desktop client will see a few updates this month. The changes mostly cosmetic, with a new price chart, the inclusion of more market information, and some other changes meant to better illustrate when the wallet is still synchronizing. Due to popular demand, we are also bringing back the total portfolio in Dollars, so you get a better sense of how much the entire portfolio is worth in fiat. The rest of changes will revolve around integrating the extra fee for fee-based remote nodes. Here is what an early release of the new wallet looks like.

Conceal Nodes

This month we will launch fee-based remote nodes, giving anyone with spare server capacity or the need to earn some extra CCX the ability to open their daemons up to the public and earn fees for transactions sent through their nodes. Conceal Nodes will appear on a listing of fee-based open nodes on our explorer. To appear on this list, you will need to run your node using our Conceal Guardian which enables high availability for the Conceal daemon.

Conceal Cloud

We finally removed the beta tag from Conceal Cloud, our web wallet, and added a few features including automatic wallet optimization and an address book. Most of the activity this month will revolve around behind-the-scenes work to improve stability and improve performance in general. Once we see the stable production release running for a month, we will start looking at introducing some new features.

Conceal Pay

A new service we will start working on this month is Conceal Pay, a premium extension that allows anyone with a Conceal Cloud account to be able to receive payment in CCX. The service will be ideal for merchants or online businesses who want to accept CCX payments for goods and services. While not getting into too much detail during development, there will be two options, the first is where the user can insert a “Pay with CCX” button anywhere with a predefined CCX address and can receive payment from a user with a Conceal Cloud account. The second option is a more complex implementation that will involve API integration with callbacks to their existing services.

Conceal Mobile

Yet another service we are working on is the mobile wallet for Conceal. We are still in the early prototyping stages, so it will be at least May or June before we can show even early screenshots of what the wallet will look like. Suffice to say that the ultimate goal is to enable everything we have on our other wallets on mobile, so stay tuned.

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