This month in Conceal (February 2019)

Conceal Network
4 min readFeb 11, 2019

February is a busy month for us at Conceal. Here are a few updates of what has happened so far and what we have in store for you this month. Enjoy.

Developer Updates

Web Wallet

The beta of the web wallet has been a long time in the making but is finally ready and will give Concealers access to a server-side wallet with support for multiple addresses. These are still early days, so while we iron out the bugs, you can create new wallet addresses, send, receive, and look at your transaction history. Soon you will be able to back up your wallet keys as well. @zemanel and @bomb-on have big plans for the web wallet, including encrypted messages, deposits, investments, and much more.

Design Language

All Conceal properties are undergoing a visual redesign so that everything looks and feels the same, whether it’s the GUI Wallet, the Web Wallet, the Official Pool, or the Explorer. We will be rolling out this change during the month and @taegus is already done with the pool and explorer and is just working on the finishing touches.

Conceal Wallet GUI 5.2.0

The latest GUI wallet has quite a few changes. We introduced an onboarding screen for new users so that things are a little less confusing. We also reworked the entire backup keys screen so that there is more focus on the seed phrase and left the other key options for advanced users. Most of the recent changes are from user feedback, so please let us know in Discord or in Telegram if you feel we need to make changes. You will also notice that the new wallet follows the new design language we spoke of above.

Conceal CLI 5.2.0

The Daemon and CLI wallets got some love too. @cryptowiz88 added much-overdue support for fusion transactions to walletd, something service providers needed badly with the kind of volume we have seen recently. He also added sign/verify messages in concealwallet, which allows you to sign a message with your wallet keys and generates a signature you can give another user to use as confirmation.

Exchanges Updates


In what is great news for Concealers and Ogres alike, Conceal is now listed on TradeOgre. There was a lot of requests for this and we thank our community and the team for their tireless efforts in getting us listed.


Conceal is listed on its first Top 50 exchange, the Turkish exchange SistemKoin, with both BTC and Turkish Lira pairs. Conceal is the first (yes, the first!) privacy coin on the exchange and we look forward to becoming the pre-eminent privacy coin in the country.

Other Updates

#ConcealRising Art Contest

We hope to engage our diverse community! Please design CCX related artworks (videos, GIFs, pics) with #ConcealRising tag and tweet by tagging @concealnetwork — The contest will take place until February 24th and the winners will be announced on our Discord channel.

Conceal PANDA Pool

ProfitBotPro is launching a series of PANDA pools, which are load-balanced pools that switch your miners from one pool to another, helping distribute the network hash evenly, and preventing wasted hashes when a pool goes down. There is now a Conceal PANDA pool.