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3 min readJul 18, 2019


Developer Updates

Conceal Mobile

The big news this month is the beta release of Conceal Mobile for Android. Internal testing of the alpha build is going well, and we expect to release the open beta towards the end of the month. All you need to use the mobile wallet is to have a account. Existing users of just need to login and can get started right away. Once the Android version is complete, then we can begin work on the iOS app.

Conceal ID

We are in the final stages of implementing Conceal ID, which will allow users to create an easy-to-remember alias that represents their wallet address. Adding support to the command line wallet is complete, and now we move on to the desktop wallet and completing the front-end website that will allow users to register and create aliases (screenshot below).

Conceal Cloud

More improvements are in the works for Conceal Cloud, including adding support for importing a wallet by specifying a private spend key. The feature allows you to restore a wallet you might have deleted accidentally and have a backup copy of the key. Also, there is an update to Conceal Pay, where you can now specify the amount along with a message to show in your payment request screen.

Conceal Core

Work is ongoing to add support for deposits to walletd (the service wallet). Once complete, we can add deposits to Conceal Cloud, and bring feature parity between our desktop and cloud wallets. It is tough going so far, and there is a long way to go, but there is some progress. You can follow progress in our #devs-feed channel in Discord.

Conceal Desktop

I am also working on an upgrade to Conceal Desktop. The plan is to add support for maximized windows, more languages, and a new interface for creating and managing investments. The existing design has served us well since its introduction, but it is time for a simplification of the interface. There will be some updates on the redesign in the months to come as we compare different potential improvements to the interface.

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Conceal.Network‏ @ConcealNetwork Jul 4
Last week, our PR & Marketing Manager @okansariirmak attended to the Istanbul Event organized by @HuobiGlobal and @HuobiMENA in order to represent us.



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