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2 min readJun 14, 2019

Developer Updates

Conceal Pay

Conceal Pay is live and now anyone can accept payments in CCX. Also, businesses and e-commerce sites can use the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) to tie in their shopping carts with Conceal Pay. Anyone who is interested in Conceal Pay can contact us in our Discord for support with integration. The only real requirement is that the two parties in the transaction have an account on Conceal Cloud. A detailed documentation about Conceal Pay is going to be published soon.

Conceal Labs

The other big story of the month, Conceal Labs is coming along with both the labs site and some other potential labs projects in the initial stages. With Conceal Labs, anyone can propose a project, and if the community votes in favor, will get support from the team along with an agreed amount of funding. If you ever had a great idea, but did not have the resources or support to push ahead, this is your chance.

Node Reward

The first five winners of the node reward were sent payment at the start of the month. The promotion continues this month with another five winners selected from the nodes with at least 90% up-time for the month. The up-time figures reset at the beginning of each month.

Code Cleanup

After an analysis of both Conceal Core and Conceal Desktop, we began the process of cleaning up our code base of bugs, vulnerabilities, and improving the quality of our code and comments. The entire effort should take a month or two, and the end result will be an improvement in the readability and the quality of our code.

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