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6 min readMar 6, 2020


Welcome to the Conceal Developer Updates for March 2020. Before we detail the work the team has been focused on over the last few months, we wanted to rehash some of the major accomplishments that took place for all the new Conceal.Network community members.

Social Announcements

Exchange Announcements

Conceal.Network Announcements

  • The desktop wallet had several updates that addressed several bugs and added a completely new look and several new features. For more information on the current Conceal Desktop Wallet version, click here.
  • The team began work on a complete website overhaul that includes a backend redesign and a brand new look, effectively implementing the rebranding of Conceal.Network. Additionally, several updates and additions were made to the Conceal Wiki. If you have any suggestions on other content you would like to see, please reach out to any of the team and let them know.
  • A new Conceal Community page was added where you can easily see and reach our official channels, groups and market cap, websites, and exchanges.
  • We added a new team member @HashOfZorro and added four new guest team members: Brian Moore as C++ Developer; @DuvalCryptoDev as C++ Developer; @boot2thrill as copywriter and PR; @21 Len as marketing and PR.

Developer Update

Development work continues on the new Conceal Deposits v3.0 and Integration, Conceal Card and Conceal CAP (Confidential Asset Platform). Also, we have completed an extensive review of applying for our Non-profit Incorporation.

Conceal Deposits v3.0

Work on the new Conceal Deposits v3.0 was completed. A deposit revamp hard fork occurred on January 8, 2020, that activated at block 413,400. This hard fork updated Conceal Deposits v3.0 to include new principal tiers. Annual interest rates now vary from 2.9% to 6% depending on how long you choose to lock your deposit and the amount locked. For information click here.

Conceal Deposits v3.0 — Integration

Work is being done on adding deposits to the service wallet (walletd), which is the first step towards adding deposits to both Conceal Cloud and Conceal Mobile. We will require an intermediary upgrade of the service wallet to a new format and serialization, along with a couple of small upgrades, before getting into the first changes and tests related to deposits. We anticipate this work will take a few months to complete.

Conceal Card

We are working on connecting devices that will leverage our blockchain network to give private sellers an opportunity to receive crypto payments directly on the spot. This will be provided via personalized cards or possibly via phones that support NFC technology, similar to “Google/Apple Pay”. We believe that this initiative will give us a positive boost towards broader and faster adoption of private payments.

Conceal Card Prototype

Conceal CAP (Confidential Asset Platform)

We have been busy testing Conceal CAP, a new generation Confidential Asset Platform, for the last 6 months. This platform will allow organizations to run their digital assets and payment systems over our privacy-protected ecosystem. Our team keeps growing every month to fulfil the workstream demand.

In terms of work being done in the sidechain, we have managed to run a basic testnet of multiple assets. Transactions are blinded using Confidential Transactions technology, hiding the amount and type of asset being transferred. We have started researching blockchain pruning optimizations and studying a way to implement relative lock times in the transactions as well.

The confidential assets sidechain will handle IoT micro-payments and multi-concurrent child assets/chains. This technology will multiply the TPS exponential through dedicated channels, child chains and decentralized private tunnels.

Conceal Network — Non-profit Incorporation

Regarding the non-profit incorporation, a significant amount of research and work has been completed over the last 6 months. We have gathered all the necessary data needed to start applying for the non-profit incorporation title. This will facilitate new exchange listings and partnerships across the crypto industry. We continue to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a non-profit organization, but know all the effort done in this area will serve the Conceal.Network well and one day help provide a general good to the world.

Roadmap Update

Conceal ID was released December 2019. Conceal ID gives you the ability to make a memorable alias for your $CCX address. In that way, you can handle transactions in an easier and faster way. In the near future, sending and receiving messages using the ID will also be implemented in both the Conceal Cloud and our Desktop wallet.

Several daemon & wallet improvements were released during January and February 2020.

Over the next 3 months, our first priorities are to complete development of Conceal Deposits v3.0 integration in both Conceal Cloud and Conceal Mobile and to make available our first native iOS wallet. Once we complete our first-tier priorities, we will focus on our second-tier priorities that include completion of our Sidechain (confidential asset planform), a new multisig wallet, and Nano Ledger S wallet integration.

Aside from work identified on the roadmap, we continue to work on other smaller projects that support the Conceal. Network. Below are just a few examples of the type of work being done not included in the roadmap:

  • Development of a new bot for Discord.
  • Various Mobile Wallet improvements.
  • Setting up a chain analysis on a MySQL database on the VPS.
  • Integrating Instaswap onto webpage and mobile.
  • Analyzing the current emission curve.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements on the Guardian.
  • Added a service that tracks all nodes across the world and their geolocation. This included a map of our nodes on the Explorer. To check it out select Nodes Map here!

Social Scene

We invite and encourage our community members to continually provide feedback on any issues they encounter with any of our suite of network offerings. We foster open communication, so please take time to represent your ideas in a social, fun and constructive way. The ultimate goal is to bring together people from all over the world to engage in our community to help shape the future of Conceal.Network.

As part of our commitment to the Conceal community, we wanted to conduct a community satisfaction survey to better understand where we can improve as a team. Once we compile the survey results, we will share our findings with the community.

Over the next few months we will be conducting a Community AMA and also unveiling one more way great way for the community to interact with the Conceal Team members, so stay tuned for that special announcement.

Until next time.