This month in Conceal (May 2019)

First Year Anniversary

Time really does fly, and Conceal will be one year old on the 23rd of May! Please stop by our Discord channel and celebrate with us. Also, there will be a giveaway for our remote node operators and more surprises.

Its our birthday on the 23rd of May! Come celebrate with us!

Developer Updates

Conceal Desktop

This month the Conceal Desktop wallet will get multiple language support and will release with support for Turkish, followed by regular updates as we add additional languages. We are busy translating the wallet into as many languages as we can, and if you have a specific language you would like to see supported, or can help with our translation efforts, please let us know in our Discord server.

Conceal Nodes

We are incredibly stoked by the community response to the launch of our fee-based remote node, and as of writing this update, there are 45 publicly accessible remote nodes available. An update to the node pool server will now track the up-time of the nodes as well.

Conceal Pay

Most of the work is complete, and the Conceal Pay will move to internal testing shortly before launch. Conceal Pay is an extension of Conceal Cloud that allows anyone to generate a request for payment in CCX. There will be announcement when we expect to make it available to the public.

Conceal Cloud

The core work on adding message support to Conceal Cloud is nearly complete and in testing. Once the team completes the testing and launch of Conceal Pay, work will begin on adding messaging to Conceal Cloud. We are looking at adding messages and self-destructive messages, like Conceal Desktop.

Conceal Labs

The Conceal team is also looking at setting up a funded Labs unit, where anyone can submit a project proposal. The community will then vote for the projects, with the winning project(s) getting funding for development. We are still working on the details and will be unveiled shortly.

Other News

Discord Members

Towards the end of April, we passed the 1,500-member mark on our Discord server, which is a tremendous milestone. We thank and welcome everyone who joined and hope we can pass the 2,000 milestone sometime in 2019.

1500 and climbing

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Privacy-protected DeFi & Encrypted Communications