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2 min readNov 22, 2019


Developer Updates

Deposits 3.0

Now that we have the final configuration for the new Deposits model (Deposits 3.0), the next step is to run the new setup on the test-net. The early tests are going well, and we are now running the test in accelerated mode to simulate longer time windows. Once we wrap up the test net, we will set a fork date for the introduction of Deposits 3.0.

Conceal Mobile

A lot of work has gone into Conceal Mobile this month, both for the introduction of new features (messages), and for fixing some bugs. A new version of the mobile app should be hitting the Play Store very soon (or even by the time we publish this) with these new features. We are also working on a landing page for the Mobile Wallet, like the Cloud Wallet (more on that below).

Conceal Cloud

The Cloud Wallet has several items in development. Much like Conceal Mobile, we will be introducing messages in the cloud. In addition, we understand that potential users might want to see more before signing up, so we will introducing a landing page for the Cloud. The landing page will cover the basic features, screenshots, and what a user can expect from Conceal Cloud.

Conceal Desktop

We are also in the middle of a reasonably significant UI/UX overhaul of Conceal Desktop. The basic version is in testing and we hope to have the new wallet ready for general release in time for the introduction of the new Deposit system. Special thanks to BradPat for lending us his expertise in UI/UX design.

News Updates

The Daily Chain AMA

Thanks to our community and help from our friends at Turtlecoin (thanks RockSteady!), Conceal won the latest round of the Daily Chain community AMA series. Head on over here and post your question(s) if you haven’t already done so.

Coin Report

Nik Patel (of Altcoin Trader’s Handbook) will be doing a coin report on Conceal before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details on when we expect to see that.

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