This month in Conceal (September 2019)

Conceal Network
2 min readSep 16, 2019


Developer Update

The consensus process ends this month and will determine the next steps in terms of development and the overall direction of the project. If you haven’t already done so, please visit our Discord server and feel free to contribute to the process or see for yourself how the community drives us forward.

Conceal Guardian

We continue to work on the stability of the guardian and are also looking at adding features, namely a web interface that allows the owner of the node to see the current status in a single glance. We are also looking at an auto-update option and authentication.

Conceal ID

The final touches and internal testing are underway, and we will open the service up as a public beta this month before we go production once we iron out all the bugs. Conceal ID will round out the set of services we have which include Cloud and Pay.

Conceal Desktop

There will be a gradual change to the UI of the Desktop wallet. First, the plan is to separate the list of deposits from the creation screen, and then to convert each individual screen to support full-screen on higher resolution screens. We will also add support for more languages, and some improvements to settings and the optimization process.

Conceal Core

This month we will add the optimizer daemon to our list of release binaries. The optimizer is a daemon for service operators that use the walletd service wallet to continuously monitor and optimize all the wallets. We hope that the exchanges will run the optimizer and maintain an optimized wallet for smoother withdrawals.

Work will also continue extending the deposit system to the service wallet (walletd). The change is not a trivial one but will enable the cloud wallet and others to take advantage managing deposits.

Conceal Cloud

The foundation for adding messages to the cloud is complete. Once the consensus is over, and there is decision on the direction the messaging service should take, we can look at completing its addition to the cloud, and then eventually mobile.

Conceal Mobile

The work on the mobile wallet this month will focus on small behind-the-scenes changes, bug-fixes, and stability improvements, with more to come next month.

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