wCCX Liquidity Pool Rewards

1.) The proportional Liquidity Pool (LP) participation daily reward. We call it, the last investor standing game.

Each week or every 7 days (for up to 4 weeks) we will pay you daily to play!

After the team locks liquidity, investors get their tokens distributed and the Uniswap market is open, an investor that adds a minimum of 1 ETH or more to the wCCX-ETH pair liquidity pool on Uniswap and is in the TOP 20 addresses providing liquidity will automatically qualify to be paid a daily reward of $wCCX based on their proportion of LP tokens held. We will randomly capture LP wallets each day to determine their proportion of LP tokens held in the TOP 20 addresses.

Here’s the catch!

If a TOP 20 investor removes their full liquidity (let's say on day 3), they are no longer eligible to be paid a daily reward of $wCCX based on their proportion of LP tokens held, even if that investor again adds liquidity that same week (each week will reset, so that investor can participate again the following week).

The forfeited portion of daily rewards that was due to the investor that removed their full liquidity will be re-distributed to the remaining TOP 20 investors still standing strong in the LP participation pool based on their proportion of LP tokens held.

If a TOP 20 investor maintains eligibility for 7 consecutive days they will automatically qualify for the next reward.

2.) The LP lottery. A set amount of 150 $wCCX will be randomly paid to one investor still standing strong as a LP provider on day 7.

We will announce when the game starts (to give you plenty of time to get setup) and will announce when the game ends for each week. Good luck and may the strongest standing investor win!





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