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3 min readNov 18, 2021
Conceal is Privacy Protected Cash
Conceal CCX

The Conceal Ambassador Program is an initiative that was born from the idea of creating a better way to engage the Community towards the goal of marketing CCX, and the greater Conceal Ecosystem to Merchants and Anyone else who could benefit from a Secure and Anonymous digital cash.

This program will allow the most enthusiastic members of the Conceal Community to Earn a small but consistent income in CCX in exchange for committing their time and effort into engaging with the general Community, onboarding Merchants, pulling in new Investors, and other forms of valuable Outreach.

Ambassador General Duties

Ambassadors will be expected to maintain a friendly demeanor within the official Conceal channels and at least a respectful one outside of the official channels.

Engage with the general Conceal community via Discord and Telegram and help new Concealers with questions they may have regarding Conceal and CCX.

Reach out to people who may be interested in Conceal, speak with them about the Value of Privacy and Anonymity, and show them why Conceal is the best choice to solve these issues. This can be anyone from friends and family, to influencers, local government officials and so forth.

Reach out to Businesses and Merchants that can take advantage of Conceal Pay and Conceal Hub to start accepting CCX as a form of payment for their goods or services. This can be an online store or physical shop that you or your friends frequently use.

Report any successes to the Community Manager/Head of Community. Stay in contact throughout the month to keep us updated on your efforts :)

Spread the word! The best kind of marketing comes from passionate people who believe in the Value and Utility of Conceal, that should be you!

Forms of Payment

In the goal of total transparency from the Core Team to our Ambassadors, we have listed all forms of payment in this section. Each Ambassador will receive Payment in CCX as listed below.

1. A monthly base salary of 150 CCX.

2. A bonus of 500 CCX upon onboarding a new Merchant.

3. A bonus of 500 CCX for securing High Quality Investors/Anonymous Sponsors.

Requirements To Become An Ambassador

These are the basic requirements in order to be accepted as a Conceal Ambassador.

1. To have maintained a stellar reputation among the Conceal Community.

2. Have a good understanding of the inner workings of Conceal and be proficient with the use of CCX and other Conceal apps.

3. Be willing to commit at least 4 hours per week towards Conceal.


If you have a passion for Privacy, a love of Freedom, and the Drive to push Conceal out to the world, then the Ambassador role would suit you nicely!

Please note! We are only accepting a limited number of Conceal Ambassadors for now due to funding constraints. If you apply and are denied, don’t be discouraged! We still value you all and your contributions, and we hope that in time we can expand the program to accept more people :)

All that being said, If you would like to apply for Ambassadorship, please DM LolitaLollipop on Discord or Telegram with a simple statement as to why you love Conceal. That’s it!

Learn More: https://conceal.network/