If we had to summarize Conceal in one sentence it would probably be: A privacy oriented ecosystem that puts you in charge of your own finances and communication.

One of our missions is to allow people to be their own bank and to do that privately. We believe that in order to get mass user adoption, blockchain tech has to be hidden behind a great user experience.

In order to keep aligned with our vision, we are revamping our roadmap to incorporate some fantastic new features for development (some of which came from listening to our community).

You will probably…

As you probably have noticed already, we are experiencing issues with our Cloud API (Application Programming Interface).

This interface is responsible for supporting a few services:

  • Cloud wallet
  • Lite wallet
  • Mobile wallet

These three wallet services use the same backend infrastructure (Cloud API). We adopted this vision - a common API, because we believe simplifying the usage of our products will make them easier to use. We consider it as a fundamental path for mass adoption.

Lately, as result of a good market performance, a lot of attention came in our way. We are having a huge influx of new…

We listened to our community!

We currently have 400k $wCCX available to swap for the $ETH ecosystem and 350k $wCCX available to swap for the $BSC ecosystem.

To address the high demand of swapping by the community, tomorrow we will be increasing each swap pool to 500k $wCCX (an additional 100k to $ETH and an additional 150k to $BSC).

Thank you for making Conceal Bridge a success!

In order to use Conceal Bridge, the following user guide procedure is written to provide the user with a clear and simple method of moving back and forth between the primary Conceal Network asset $CCX and Wrapped Conceal $wCCX on any of the established bridged networks.

Bridged networks include:

  1. Ethereum Mainnet
  2. Binance Smart Chain Network (Coming soon!)

Remember, wrapped Conceal $wCCX is just a representation of $CCX on any of the available bridged networks — a tokenized $CCX if you will. So, exactly one $wCCX will always represent (or equal) one $CCX.

If you have any detailed questions that are…

Many of you know we are releasing the bridge tool from CCX to wCCX and vice versa on March 1st.

Before we delve into the details of how it all works, let’s clarify one thing, strictly speaking, it’s not a swap and yet it is. What do we mean by that?

Well on one hand, what the tool really does is wrap your CCX onto the ETH network to create wCCX. That’s why exactly one wCCX will always represent (or equal) one CCX. …

The Conceal Lite Wallet application is powered by Conceal Cloud and offers users a simple and secure option to store your $CCX.

The wallet includes an easy to read dashboard that will showcase your Portfolio, Market Data and Your Wallets. You can easily view your transactions, contacts, private messages and settings.

As we celebrate the end of 2020, we can’t help but admit how different this last year has been.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted our world and personally effected each one of us. Several team members experienced life changing losses, relocating to different countries, and even more IRL responsibilities shifted to each one of us.

Unfortunately, the strain of COVID-19 pandemic impacts combined with the additional work needed for the emission and algorithm change has slightly delayed additional testing and development work on Conceal-Live (Clive), the Swap Tool and us properly updating our roadmap (and Conceal Trello page).



Over the next month, the team will update the Conceal Roadmap to include a renewed focus on the betterment of Conceal Network and its native asset, $CCX.

When Conceal Network was first started, the aim was to incentivize small miners to participate by creating a unique block reward emission model, offer an energy efficient custom mining algorithm, and provide the ability to earn interest on those earnings by cold staking. The focus was on the decentralization of the network.

In short, those innovations did not work. What we now have is the exact opposite of decentralization (and the results are…


This will be an interactive page for our community to feature our Roadmap progress (as the Roadmap gets updated we will update the Trello page with more detailed information).

Link: https://trello.com/b/gbzk3KdY/conceal-network

So, the idea is to make it “as live as possible”. A newsletter type dashboard of our Roadmap and progress. You can see (overall) what the team has going on but also drill into specific cards to see more detail about that subject. Users can even up-vote!

And yes, you can use it for both progress updates and marketing material — it beats having new investors having to read…

1.) The proportional Liquidity Pool (LP) participation daily reward. We call it, the last investor standing game.

Conceal Network

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